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Our High Definition frontals Lace Frontals are the THINNEST lace on the market. Our ultra thin lace has a natural hairline and very tiny knots making this frontal look completely undetectable once installed giving you the perfect scalp Illusion. We recommend letting a professional stylist install your lace, but it's also beginner friendly as well. Frontals last about 4-6 weeks or longer, but they will need to be replaced after each installment.


One donor human hair collected from young girl's head.

Pre-plucked lace with natural hair line,ear to ear 13x6 inch frontal

Very silk and soft, the most silk hair you ever seen.

Can be dyed to most dark colors like brown, burgundy, etc.

Can last for 3-5 years around if under well protection.

Can be colored or bleached to any color even the lightest blonde 613#.

Durable Swiss lace with 150% density.


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